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In the state of Texas, whenever you acquire property throughout your marriage, from a brand new automobile or the deed to great grandparent's house, the property is normally designated as "community property." This means that you and your spouse share the property or assets mutually. This might be convenient throughout your marriage, but should you ever get divorced, things can get quite messy.

While you may expect that throughout the divorce proceedings, your shared marital possessions would get evenly divided, many people end up being shocked by how little they receive. This could be because certain pieces of property or assets are not easily liquidated, but could also be the result of not having a knowledgeable lawyer to defend one’s rights. Here at Legacy Group – a Hufstetler Law Firm, PLLC, our Pearland property division attorney can help you accurately assess and obtain the property which is rightfully yours.

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Division of Property After Divorce

The longer you have been married to your spouse, the more likely you are to have accumulated a wide variety of assets and debts. Unfortunately, most of this property is very difficult to liquidate. Instead of having property in liquid form, the two parties are more likely to have different holdings bound up in complex and intricate pieces, from real estate to investment portfolios, pensions to business ownerships, trusts to retirement funds.

In the difficult process of dividing these assets, two parties of a divorce almost always have contentious disagreements about who is entitled to which piece of property, as well as what should be done with mutually shared long-term assets like stocks and compensation plans. This is where our skilled attorney can help you navigate the difficult issues of equitable division.

Complicated Property Pieces

Not only are some types of property impossible to divide, but some are simply undesirable to liquidate – for example, a priceless historical heirloom.

Just some of the pieces of property which we have successfully helped our clients obtain access to include:

  • Family gifts and inheritances
  • Intellectual property
  • Annuities and pensions
  • Jewelry
  • Life insurance policies
  • Personal belongings
  • Automobiles, personal planes, jet skis, boats, and other recreational vehicles
  • Brokerage and financial accounts
  • Family and personal businesses
  • Partnership interests
  • Retirement accounts
  • Trust assets
  • Securities and restricted stocks
  • Stock that has been held in distinct corporate entities

Working Around Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Sometimes couples who are getting divorced have decided beforehand how to divide their shared assets through the means of a prenuptial or premarital agreement. However, it is still crucial to review the validity of the agreement during the divorce. One reason for this is because your assets may have been updated, potentially growing or decreasing since the time that your agreement was originally drafted. Without the help of our skilled Pearland property division lawyer, you could end up losing a large amount of your rightful property.

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