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Drafting a Will in Pearland

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While thinking about the future can sometimes be an anxious prospect, it is always better to have a plan in place since no one can predict what events might occur. A last will and testament is crucial to have for the sake of your loved ones, as well as your hard-earned assets and property. Writing a will allows you to keep control over your decisions not merely in the present, but in the future.

Of course, writing a will is not a simple process that can be completed over the course of a night. The complexities of writing a will that completely outlines your choice for organization, distribution, and protection of your assets requires the skilled knowledge of our will lawyer in Pearland. Trust in our firm at Legacy Group – a Hufstetler Law Firm, PLLC to safeguard your decisions.

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What Is a Will?

When you are writing a will, you are producing a primary legal document that will serve as the cornerstone of establishing and directing all of your plans for your estate. What this means practically is that your will organizes your state of affairs and determines who will be given your property and funds after you die or are incapacitated. A will also establishes the primary person, known as the executor, to authorize the actions of your will and to take charge of the rest of the business for your estate.

A will does not only demonstrate who will receive your financial wealth and property assets but can also indicate your final wishes in regard to medical care and hospice. If you do not have a will that clearly demonstrates your desires, there could be conflicting opinions and legal miscommunications amongst your family and friends.

Ways Our Attorney Can Help You

There are several key aspects of your will where you will desire the aid of a knowledgeable lawyer. While it is possible to write your will yourself, time and again our clients who have attempted such a process have always discovered that many complex elements required much more detailed experience than they themselves possessed.

Some of the components our lawyer can aid you in writing a detailed, organized will include:

  • Drafting an ethical will that explains the distinct causes and reasons you are distributing in a specific manner

  • Naming or selecting the person you desire to be the executor or beneficiary who receives the financial power of attorney

  • Granting the appropriate permission and access to any individuals whom you desire to see and handle any financial or personal accounts

  • Finalizing the legally binding draft of your will as it will be presented to your family and friends

Safeguarding Your Loved Ones

Remember that your will is ultimately designed to benefit the people you love the most when you pass. When wills are not properly devised, family members can lose most of what you have given them to property and estate taxes. Reach out to our skilled team at Legacy Group – a Hufstetler Law Firm, PLLC to safeguard your family for the future.

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